Chairs On The Table

PRIMA BALLERINA (Julien van de Loo)                        [terug]

You hate yourself for being free
When it’s only couples that you see
But I don’t need to get married
When it’s only love that I carry

A lovin’ time is so beautiful
But after that we’re so regretful
But my prima ballerina
My prima ballerina
My prima ballerina is the one for me

Carnival painted faces, too dark to see
I met a woman and she met me
It took me, she took me, my surprise
We danced and talked all night

You always fall in love with the best
And I don’t know how long this will last
This situation I enjoy completely
I won’t forget it easily

My prima ballerina…

MAKE UP YOUR MIND (Gé Reinders)                        [terug]

Baby said she found a new lover
She was sure this one would pull her through
Next day she’s found on the floor kissing on someone else
I guess the new lover just wouldn’t do
Baby says she likes the drummer
All day she can’t put him out of her head
But when I drove by the house of the singer next morning
There was her cat waiting for them to get out of bed

Why don’t you make up your mind
Why don’t you make up your mind
I don’t like a chick that don’t know what she wants
So why don’t you make up your mind

Baby said she got a crush on the student
He really made her heart beat fast
The day after that she woke up beside me
I guess the student affair didn’t last
The latest love was the guitarist
She said he drove her wild
But within a day she says she hates him
It takes that little to change your mind

Love ain’t no runaround mama
If someone, you ought to know that by now
If you wanne get something going, you need:
One woman, one man and they both got to do the best they can

Why don’t you make up your mind….

WIDOWS WALK (Gé Reinders)                        [terug]

Down the street there’s a trashcan burning
Hidden eyes everywhere watch the quivering air churning
Somewhere a siren wails
Someone found a trail
Scenic view out here on the widows walk
Downstairs the junkies are dancing again
It’s their daily routine as soon as they’ve seen their man
The bass bombs the street
You can’t escape the beat
Out here on the widows walk

Feel like a bee buzzing against a window
I just can’t see what keeps me in this uptown limbo

If you listen good you can hear Mrs. B. a- screaming
Here old man comes home drunk, starts kicking and a- screaming
They say she’s got a gun
So maybe we’ll have some fun
Out here on the widows walk
The state has taken both her sons away
They figured drunks got nothing educational to say
One of them’s in jail
The other got a career
At least he made it out of here, the widows walk

Sometimes I throw rocks and empties on the sidewalk
It scares them, it causes small talk
They say I’m rowdy, but they won’t catch me
Out here on the widows walk

OH WOMAN, OH WHY (Tjeu Geelen)                        [terug]

I’ve been roaming the streets
For a thousand lost days
From the moment you said ‘It’s all over’
I keep telling myself
‘Don’t keep hoping in vain,
never again you will hold her’

But now I see you in town
In that old fashioned gown
That looks so familiar to me
I can hardly describe
How the wink of your eye
Gets them shivers run down over me
Oh woman, oh why, oh woman, oh why

I’ve been missing the touch
of a woman too long
to refuse to sit down at your table
I will try to resist you
Though I feel that it’s wrong
And I know I’m more willing than able

In the smoke and the smell
Of a bar doing well
We’ll recall what we once used to feel
Then you finally leave
And with you the believe, the thought
I was getting over you
Oh woman, oh why, oh woman, oh why

SPECIAL (Julien van de Loo)                        [terug]

I’ve seen a soul without a goal
Waiting for the sun
Shining all night in tender space
Silenced by the rain
He wears a child inside his life
Who’s suffering for love
Night after night he feels the light
Of saving his blue child


Forbidden love is hard to touch
Guilt is pressing much
You need freedom to change your ways
Not the rules to obey
But don’t give up, don’t give in
There’s so much you can win
Don’t hang on to a crazy world
But fight for love, my girl

Got a lot, got a lot to live
Got a lot, got a lot to take
Got a lot, got a lot to give


TAKE IT AWAY (Julien van de Loo)                        [terug]

In bad weather,
it’s hard to get yourself together
You feel heavy, if you’ll never be steady
You got to escape ‘cause you feel it’s too late
But don’t get drunk, don’t start to run

Take, take, take it away
Wait, wait, wait till you stay

Unable to give, it ain’t easy to live
You got to give yourself a chance
and ask her for a dance
I know it’s hard to believe in a good heart
But you’re not the only one
who’s wishing a real start

Take, take, take it away
Wait, wait, wait till you stay

I don’t know which way I’ll have to go
To touch your heart without the risk to fall apart
It’s hard to see, so many people fall asleep
Do you really think that I fly
with different kind of wings

Take, take, take it away
Wait, wait, wait till you stay

TELEPHONE (Gé Reinders)                        [terug]

I had it installed about a week ago
I’ve been constantly on the line with everyone I know
I’m so glad I can call it my own
That nifty little gadget called telephone

You dial any number and wait to get through
You stay where you are, that’s all you have to do
It’s a great invention, a real milestone
That nifty little gadget called telephone

Tele means far and phone means phone
It means no more you have to be alone
If you feel a little wasted, if you feel a little blue
You’ve got a book full of people you can talk to

If the line is busy it goes beep beep
If they haven’t payed their bill it goes cheap cheap cheap
You don’t have to leave your homy throne
Thanks to that nifty little gadget called telephone

You can take it on the couch, you can take it to bed
You can take it to the tub, just beware it don’t get wet
Some folks have ‘em build in on their tombstone
That nifty little gadget called telephone

If you wanna hear a sweet voice in the middle of the night
Call the operator, say you’re looking for a guy named Dwight
While she searches all the names in town
You can start proposing if she likes to get down

If you don’t feel like talking you can plug it out
But plug back in as soon as you’re ready to shout
I think a house is not a home
Without that nifty little gadget called telephone

They sell ‘em in white, they sell ‘em in green
They even sell an automatic dialing machine
It’s the handiest thing I have ever known
That nifty little gadget called telephone

Japan, America, it’s all next door
Distance doesn’t count no more
Into a small village this world has grown
Thanks to that nifty little gadget called telephone
Nifty little gadget, nifty little gadget called telephone

OUT IN THE JUNGLE (Gé Reinders)                        [terug]
So we’re back from where we came
Everything was in vain
No-one’s speaking anymore
A lonely Napoleon
who can’t hide his bloody hand
Retrieved into his no-mans-land
Waiting for the knock on his door
Your ivory tower is tumbling down
There’s blood on your once sparkling gown
You can’t remember where you lost your crown

You say I’m heading for the jungle
Boy, I thought I just left you there

Your valet’s waiting eagerly for your final breath
This place smells, it stinks like death,
my eyes get sore
The spoils they are rusting away
Only sixteen year old jesters still wanna play
What happened to your hard core?
To your own men
you don’t dare to show your back
Your good omen has turned black
These cruddy walls are waiting for the final crack

Out in the jungle,
where friends are fools you distrust the most
Out in the jungle,
where promises are things to be broken
Out in the jungle,
where alcohol is the ultimate alibi
Out in the jungle,
where everyone smiles no-one cries
Out in the jungle

Your sherry socialism
That won’t survive closing time
Your brilliant brain burning in beer and wine
At the far end of the bar
Your Sancho Panza
Who defends whatever silly move you make
If someone, he knows what it takes
How come your still stuck in the tar?
The two of you have it all figured out
Chewing plans with no room for doubt
How comes no-one listens even if you shout?

Out in the jungle…

LET ME RIDE (Gé Reinders)                        [terug]

BCN on my radio
And that highway points north
We kissed goodbye to the lady-o
And set out the course
Jimmy’s in the stationwagon beside me
He’s heading for Maine
We wave goodbye on the Mystic River Bridge
I don’t know when I’ll see him again

Somewhere I got of the road to call her
But no one answered the phone
I tried a couple of times more
But I figured it was better to go alone
Felt lonely for the first couple miles
Spirit rising as I crossed that New Hampshire line
By the time I hit 89 I was singing and I felt fine

Let me ride, let me ride
Wherever that white line leads me
Let me ride

I got a state trooper in front of me
I hope he’ll get of soon
I heard Bob Dylan singing in the back of me
Something about a chick leaving him
Howling at the moon
I’m hungry by the time I get to White River Junction
I run around the car to revive my vital functions
They got better food at the next exit at a silly junction
I let them roll by

Greasy hamburger, nervous coffee
Trucks all over the wall
You get your second cup for nothing
But I got to go before the sun falls

There’s a grey fade on the mountains
By the time I get to 107
Slow lumbertrucks all over,
Stinking to high heaven
Suddenly there’s a Jefferson Airplane
Coming into the air
Goose bumps all over
If it lasts forever, I don’t care

Let me ride…

DO YOU LIKE (Julien van de Loo)                        [terug]

Do you like, this kind of life
Do you like, to live with a knife
Do you like, this kind of life
Do you like

I was roaming the city
Felt surprised by turning on the lights
I got to say it’s a pity
But I did not see a human touch
Could touch you very much

But whenever I’m home
I’m feeling all alone
Simplify the lies of my eyes

But in the middle of the night
I wake up in my chair
Pictures fill my sweaty hair
I really care
For all the people that I meet
I show everything
Got to loose myself with the blues
In empty happenings

But whenever I’m home
I’m feeling all alone
Simplify the lies of my eyes

Do you like….

SUNDAY FEELING (Gé Reinders)                        [terug]

Shu shu mama, shu shu sweet
That’s all this lazy boy needs
Shu shu baby, shu shu right
Stick to me and just let it ride
Outside it’s raining
But you won’t hear me complaining
I stay right where I am
I don’t care if it’s raining, grut or snow
I got nowhere to go
Baby this is your sweet man

We’re gonna float on this Sunday feeling
Let the time slip away
No more running and reeling
Honey it’s okay

Sweet soul singer on the stereo
Makes you wanna tap my feet
Soft saxophone solo
Hear him squeezin on that reed
If someone rings the bell baby
Let them go to hell baby
We won’t answer the door
If they try to phone
They get that busy beep beep tone
They dial till their fingers get sore
I know that sometimes it’s so hard
And I know that sometimes
We’re miles apart
But life’s for the taking
There’ll be no heartbreaking tonight
No not tonight, tonight’s the night,

We’re gonna float on that…….

I WISH (Julien van de Loo)                        [terug]

I wanna tell you ‘bout the way that I feel
About the fear, about the pain I wanna heal
There ain’t no easy way to let this out
The rain is falling down, you can’t escape, feel it now

I wish that I could be someone you could be near to
It’s not because of you or things that I regret to share

I don’t wanna blame you for the things that you do
This world has never been nice to you
They killed your dream about a flower life
Tried to give you a little dream back

And if I can’t give it all to you
Remember that I wanna be true
We have lived the darker side
Because of the things we had to hide
All we can do is try (cry)

Every time you kiss the wrong way out
You hit yourself without a scream, without a shout
All I can do is stop you, stop you from dying
Cause I hate to see you walk away from here

Let it be spring
Let it be May

THE LAST ONE TO GO (Gé Reinders)                        [terug]

They put the chairs on the table
They are sweeping up the floor
No matter how often we ask
They won’t give us no more
Someone says he has a bottle
So we all pile into his car
The night is still young
And the sunrise must be far

Seven-thirty finds us in an ill-lit room
The ones that are still awake
Proclaim that they’ll be leaving soon
Who, me? I feel no need for going
The world is about to come alive
I pour another glass and continue my party-jive

Why am I always the last one to go?
Why can I never put an end to the show
I’m afraid I’m missing something
When I’m not around
I’m afraid I’m missing something
When I’m not in town

But every time I leave
To join the laughter and the drinking
I always end up cheated and thinking:
This is not exactly what I had in mind

I got a woman back home
She’s as sweet as honey
By the time I crawl into bed
She’s out earning sweaty money
I know this is not the way it should be
I know this is not fair
But when the lights are low
I lose every sense of care


DON’T EXPECT NO MIRACLES (Gé Reinders)                        [terug]

Yeah baby, here I am
Back where the heart beats
I’m a little shaky, a little scared
But I got them dancin’ shoes right on my feet
Well I’m just still the same
Same guy with the same name
Something is different now
I believe we can make it somehow

Let’s look faith into the eye
And hope we’re strong enough
Strong enough not to fake it
This dance is as good as anything
Hey mama, come on let’s take it

Don’t expect no miracles
Life isn’t meant that way
It just goes of and on
From day to day to day

And baby I got a little wiser
They say that distance does that to a man
All I know I don’t want no other mother
I got one, who needs two
Who said easy, who said easy
Well of course it won’t be that way
Living is the hardest thing we’ve ever done
Don’t believe what else they say

Let’s look faith into the eyes…..

BITE BACK (Julien van de Loo)                        [terug]

Why do people try to tell
That love can be a stranglin’ hell
Do you really think that I missed
The night side of life
But where is all the love gone
And the hurting is already done
And if it’s just a taste of bitter sweet
Please leave the fighting if it’s real
And if you don’t agree
And if you’re far away from me

Fight back, bite back
But don’t expect the same from me
Fight back, bite back
You got to accept
That I wanna try that lovin’ track

I do really know that life

Can hit you from below
I do really know that sometimes
There’s nowhere to go
But I don’t want to hurt you
It’s really really true
That I wanna live in peace with you
And I hope some day you want it too
And if we don’t agree
And if you’re far away from me

Fight back, bite back…

Come on friend, let’s shake hands
Before we split, before the end
But if you don’t, but if you don’t

Fight back, bite back…

WASTING TIME (Gé Reinders)                        [terug]

Not doin’ anything worthwhile
Just hangin’ out
Sometimes it’s all right
Sometimes it makes me wanna shout
Get up around eleven
Sometimes I lay in bed till two
It’s hard to leave the sheets
When you got nothing to do

I got a masters in monotony
A PHD in ennui
I’m only good at wasting time
I’m glad when another day has gone
Walking that thin line
Between nothin’ to do and nothin’ done

Go to the café around four
I like it the best when no-one’s there
The boss says I’m a bore
But as long as I pay
Well he don’t care
Sippin’ coffee, sometimes a beer
Let the clock tick the times away
Seconds, minutes, hours
Wait a while and you get a day

I got…

The best part of the day is the night
It don’t look so bad in the dark
Some small talk, a dame and a beer
Let it last till the call of the lark

I don’t have to get up
I’ve got a bachelors in boredom
I’m a doctor of drowsiness
I got a masters in monotony
A PHD in ennui